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Tomahawk Squirrel Pack 3" (1-E30,2-SP30)

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  • Great for smaller rodents
  • Includes 1-E30 and 2-SPT30's

Let the critters remove themselves with the SP30 Squirrel Pack System. Perfect for smaller rodents such as flying squirrels and red squirrels. It is extremely simple to use and very effective.

SP30 consists of one E30 excluder and two SPT30 repeating traps. The repeating traps have one trap door and an easy-release rear door. Attach the E30 excluder over the animal's den opening by tacking up the mounting wings with screws or heavy-duty staples. Slide one of the SPT30 repeating traps over the E30 excluder and hook into place. As critters exit, the excluder will direct them into the repeating trap.

To remove captured animals from the property, simply unhook the SPT30 repeating trap and replace it with the second repeating trap included with this kit. This kit has a 3 x 3" opening to be used over 3" wide holes or smaller.

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