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  1. Wildlife Control Supplies: Not Just Pesticides

    Wildlife Control Supplies: Not Just Pesticides

    Wildlife Control Supplies: Not Just Pesticides

    As homeowners, we invest in locks, sensor lights and security systems to keep out thieves and burglars. We should also defend our homes and property from nonhuman trouble makers. As we have developed formerly open fields and natural areas, we have increasingly moved closer to the wildlife that occupies these areas.

    Left unchecked, rodents (mice and rats), raccoons, coyotes, stray dogs and cats, and even bears can ransack trash and gardens in search of food and invade residences. In fact, rats need only a little more than ½ of an inch gap to pass into an enclosure, while mice can exploit openings of just over a quarter-inch (the diameter of a pencil). The curved teeth allow rodents to bit through many rough or edged surfaces. Wild animals can leap and open containers. Small spaces can allow insects and snakes access to homes and afford opportunities to bite the residents.


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  2. Roofing Materials Atlanta

    Roofing Materials Atlanta

    Residential Shingles

    Division 7 Supply, Inc. stocks the most complete lines of CertainTeed  shingles and roofing products in Atlanta.  We have in stock CertainTeed Landmark, Landmark PRO and XT 25.  We stock 18 Landmark colors and 15 colors of XT25 year shingles. We also stock all colors of CertainTeed’s Shadow Ridge

    Certainteed Residential Shingles

    Certainteed offers an extensive selection of residential roofing shingle options. Their profiles are beautiful and durable. Their luxury, designer and traditional shingles offers a wide array of textures, styles and colors demanded by homeowners.

    CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles are rated by Consumer Reports in June’s 2009 issue as a BEST BUY.

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  3. Crawlspace Encapsulation

    Crawlspace Encapsulation

    Save energy, increase comfort and keep the critters out by sealing your crawlspace!

    Sealing your crawlspace also adds addіtіоnаl ѕtоrаgе space and іnсrеаѕеѕ property resale value.

    Did you know that аlmоѕt 70% of thе hоuѕеѕ іn United States hаvе сrawl ѕрасе fоundаtіоnѕ? Iѕ your hоuѕе оnе of them?

    Do уоu notice any allergy рrоblеmѕ ? Arе your еnеrgу bіllѕ higher than you would like them to be? Smelling аnу foul оdоrѕ? Your crawlspace аnd іtѕ condition could be contributing to these issues. A properly installed crawlspace barrier can reduce energy costs by as much as 20%.

    Crawlspace Encapsulation іѕ a tуре оf vapor bаrrіеr іnѕtаllеd іn a rаw, unfinished ѕрасе beneath your home to рrеvеnt, mоld, mildew аnd dаmрnеѕѕ from entering. Bаrrіеrѕ аrе made оut of various mаtеrіаlѕ, from basic plastic sheeting to muсh thicker, multі-lауеrеd rеіnfоrсеd роlуеѕtеr whісh needs tо bе рrоfеѕѕіоnаllу іnѕtаllеd.

    Division 7 Supply has a

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  4. Replacement Windows

    Replacement Windows

    Ply Gem Replacement Windows

    Ply Gem made finding a window and door to fit every style and every budget easy. Their extensive product portfolio includes a comprehensive collection of new construction and replacement windows along with patio and entry doors. Their premium high performance aluminum clad-wood options, traditional wood and wood composites, vinyl and aluminum options, and attractive steel and fiberglass entry systems bring a whole new level of style to any home. Each window was designed and assembled for optimal performance. Their technological innovations include maximum structural performance, impact-resistant glass, triple pane thermal advancements and forced entry security.

    Contractor, Pro and Premium Series (Vinyl)

    • Pinch Fusion Welding
    • Warm Edge Glass Spacer
    • Available in both HP Glass (low e/argon) & low
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  5. Metal Fabrication Atlanta

    Metal Fabrication Atlanta

    Division 7 Supply, Inc. is the only roofing distributor in Metro Atlanta with a custom metal fabrication shop!

    We can bend: Roof Edge, Eave Drip, Angle Flashing, Wall Flashing, W Valley or Preformed Valley and Counter Flashing. We can bend any of these profiles in a variety of types of metal like Aluminum, Galvanized and Copper.

    In addition to being able to provide custom metal we also stock several sizes of Step Flashing, Preformed Valley Metal, Eave Drip, Roof Edge, Angle Flashing, Counter Flashing and Aluminum Trim Coil.

    We can do any of these shapes in:

    • 26 gauge Mil Finish
    • 26 gauge Black Galvanized
    • Kynar: multiple colors
    • .016 Aluminum Black, Brown or White
    • Copper (Special Order)

    These different fabrications will help you ensure a more professional roof inst

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  6. Insulation


    Johns Manville Insulation

    – Formaldehyde-free Insulation Products
    Johns Manville products offer a complete line of certified formaldehyde-free™ fiberglass building insulation products produced in Winder, Georgia. Johns Manville offers more than just standard FSK-25 Faced/kraft and unfaced batts; they offer innovative solutions with their fiberglass insulation like ComforTherm, standard Foil Faced, spray-in and blow-in methods and more.

    Johns Manville’s formaldehyde free fiber glass insulation does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC), and would qualify for LEED 3 IEQ Credit 3.2 for formaldehyde-free concentrations; and would also contribute to LEED 3 IEQ Credit 4.6 for schools. Whether you’re building a new structure or retrofitting an existing one, each of the insulation products is tested and proven to provide superior

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