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Residential Shingles

Division 7 Supply, Inc. stocks the most complete lines of CertainTeed  shingles and roofing products in Atlanta.  We have in stock CertainTeed Landmark, Landmark PRO and XT 25.  We stock 18 Landmark colors and 15 colors of XT25 year shingles. We also stock all colors of CertainTeed’s Shadow Ridge

Certainteed Residential Shingles

Certainteed offers an extensive selection of residential roofing shingle options. Their profiles are beautiful and durable. Their luxury, designer and traditional shingles offers a wide array of textures, styles and colors demanded by homeowners.

CertainTeed’s Landmark shingles are rated by Consumer Reports in June’s 2009 issue as a BEST BUY. Made locally in Peachtree City, Georgia CertainTeed’s Landmark shingle has one of the largest color offerings of all the shingle manufacturers.

Certainteed Luxury Shingles
Certainteed Premium Designer Shingles
Certainteed Designer Series Shingles
Certainteed Traditional Series Shingles

We carry APOC roofing and water proofing materials, coatings, caulks, sealants and accessories to help you with your job. APOC is the industry leader in Cool Roof Solutions with the highest independently rated products in the industry. You can found the results at In fact, APOC’s extensive research & development has led to significant technological breakthroughs leading to numerous patents in coatings technology, including improvements in the reflective properties of roof coatings.

APOC is a charter member of the Energy Star Program and the Cool roof Rating Council.

  • Roof & Flashing Cements
  • Rubberized Flashing Cements
  • Roof Adhesives
  • Roofing, Waterproofing & Damp Proofing
  • Acrylic & Elastomeric Coatings
  • Aluminum Coatings
  • Specialty Mastics & Sealants
  • Silicone & Specialtiy Coatings
  • Primers
  • Felts & Underlayments
  • APOC Accessories & Tapes
  • Roofing Accessories

Roofing Supplies

  • Hip & Ridge: CTD Shadow Ridge
  • Starter: CTD Swift starter
  • Ice & Water Shield: Generic, CTD Winterguard Sand (2 sq. rolls)
  • Felt: #15 & #30 Fiberglas & Synthetic Felt
  • Ventilation: CTD Over Ridge vent & Cobra III (4-foot), Aluminum Slant Back & Square Tops, Plastic Square top vents, Power vents & Wind Turbine Vents, Low Profile Aluminum Slant Back vent
  • Decking sheets: 7/16” OSB & 1/2″ Plywood
  • Flintlastic Modified: Base & cap sheets (low slope self adhered – peel & stick)
  • Step Flashing: 4″x4″x7 and 4″x4″x8″ Standard and Special order for other sizes.
  • Valley Metal: 12”, 14”, 20” and 24” Aluminum, 4”, 6”, 10”, and 20” Galvanized, and Copper.
  • Trim Coil: Black/Brown, Black/White, Brown/White, and PVC Coated white.
  • Stick Flashing: Roof Edge / Eave Drip / Angle Flashing / Drip Edge / Coping / Counter Flashing / Headwall / “W” Valley
  • Fasteners: 1 ¼”, 1” Hand nails, 1 ½”, 1 ¼” Coil Nails, 1” Fluted Masonry Nails, Staples, Drive
  • Pin Anchors, 1”, 1 ½ Plastic Caps and 8D Coated Sinker Nails.
  • Pipe Boots: Lead: Multi-Pitch and 45 degree, 2lb and 4lb. 1.5″, 2″, 3″, 4″, Plastic: 3″, 4″, 3-n-1, and Zipseal Split.
  • Rain Collars: Plastic 3-n-1 Rain Collars.
  • Caulks: Geocel 2300 Clear, NP1 in assorted colors.
  • Spray Paint: Assorted Colors, Flat and Semi Gloss, Roofmaster Paint, Asphalt spray primer.
  • Cougar Paws: Leather boots, pads and covers.

Custom Metals

Division 7 Supply is the only roofing supplier in Metro Atlanta that has its own metal fabrication shop. Give your customer’s home or next project an extra special touch with custom metal fabrication. If you need a chimney pan, shroud or masonry cap we can do it. Or if you need a customer piece of metal bent we can do that too.

We can bend all of the following profiles in Aluminum, Galvanized and Copper:

  • Roof edge
  • Eave drip
  • Angle Flashing
  • Wall Flashing
  • Step Flashing
  • W Valley or Preformed Valley
  • Counter Flashing

We can fabricate any of the above shapes under request in:

  • 26 Gauge Galvanized Black
  • 26/29 Gauge Galvanized
  • 0.019 Aluminum Black or White
  • Copper

In addition to providing custom metal fabrication, we also stock several standard sizes of:

  • Roof edge
  • Eave drip
  • Angle Flashing
  • Aluminum Trim Coil
  • Step Flashing
  • Preformed Valley
  • Counter Flashing

Commercial Roofing Tools & Air Accessories

Tear Off Shovels, Chalk Lines, Tape Measures, Hook Blades, Straight Blades, Caulk Guns, Saw Blades, Blue Dipped Wonder Gloves, Harnesses, Rolling Magnets, Hand Magnets, Hand Seamers, Nail Guns, Roof Jacks, Magnetic Roofing Hatchets, Extended Ladders, Leaf-Proof gutter protection, and much more.