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Koonce Door Set Racoon Trap 12x12x36

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Racoon trap  


With a racoon live trap, you can catch unwanted animals such as mice, raccoons, madder, rats, field mice, and water voles alive and release them into the forest/field. 

We believe in ergonomic design!

A trap's design has a greater influence on its performance, which is why we believe ergonomic designs are most effective in capturing rodents. For successful pest catching, place the live animal trap in areas that are frequented by the rodents such as gardens, cellars, garages, kitchens, etc.

We offer the following features:

The trap is built by keeping innovative safety in mind. A handle guard protects you from contact with animals while inside the cage & smooth internal edges prevent injuries to animals

We provide both 1-Door as well as 2-Doors designs according to the customer’s requirement. Animals can fully enter the trap before it closes, ensuring a higher catch rate and fewer escapes

A fine-tuned trip mechanism eliminates false triggers, while a powerful door ensures secure capture

For maximum resistance to corrosion and rust, galvanized wire mesh is used for manufacturing this trap. Durability is further enhanced by the solid steel door. 

Upon successful capture, the door of our raccoon trap closes securely.  

Keep your house free from rodents and order these Racoon traps for sale.


WEIGHT: 18 lbs
SIZE:  36L x 12W x 12H
WIRE: 1 x 1 - 14 guage
Model DS100 is a heavy duty trap for raccoon's and similar size animals. This trap sets by simply lifting the door into the upright position. It works great for animals that burrow into trees and buildings. The recessed door enables you to set the trap flush against trees, buildings and walls. It Features a 1/4" steel rod frame wrapped with 14 gauge wire mesh. This trap measures 36L x 12W x 12H".
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