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Hose Clamp, 3" Worm Type

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  • Hose Clamp, 3" Worm Type
  • Made from durable galvanized steel for long-lasting use
  • Attaches ducts to aluminum products such as elbows and piping
  • Great for use with semi-rigid or rigid aluminum ducts

3" Worm-Type Hose Clamp

Secure your ducts with our 3" Worm-Type Hose Clamp! The first choice among professionals, this hose clamp ensures a tight, secure fit for hoses every single time.

Made from resilient galvanized steel, our hose clamp offers long-lasting use and durability that you can count on. Withstand any clamping demands easily – our product is designed to last.

Ideal for attaching semi-rigid or rigid aluminum ducts to all types of aluminum products, such as elbows and piping. Say goodbye to loose connections and enjoy the reassurance of a secure, strong fit with our hose clamp.

Our 4" Worm-Type Hose Clamp guarantees a secure fit tailored to your needs. Enjoy the confidence of ductwork that is secured for success. Choose our hose clamp today and experience the difference in durability and performance!

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