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Flashing Tape 6" x 75'

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Enhance the long-term performance of your building openings with DuPont Flashing Tape. This easy-to-use self-adhered tape helps protect heads and jambs of rectangular windows and doors from intrusion by outdoor air, bulk water and wind-driven rain. By helping to better seal the building envelope, DuPont Flashing Tape can help reduce the risk of water damage, increase building comfort and improve energy efficiency.

Features & benefits

Butyl rubber adhesive backing
  • Adheres to most common building materials
  • Forgiving initial tack to allow for repositioning
  • Self-adheres for easy installation on site
  • Can be installed at external temperatures as low as 25°F
  • Handles UV exposure for up to 120 days
  • Withstands rigors of job site
Convenient roll widths
  • Perfect for a variety of applications, from flanged doors to deep window sills

Physical Properties

  Method Unit Value
Water Vapor Permeability ASTM E96 perm <1
Water Penetration Resistance ASTM E331 after thermal aging (0-120°F) - No leakage at 300 Pa
ASTM E331 Pa No leakage at 300 Pa
Application Temperature - - Best when installed above 25°F
Material Standard - - Level 3 Thermal Exposure (80°C/176°F for 7 days)
AAMA 711-13 - Class A (no primer)
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