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D7 Choice Synthetic Underlayment 10sq

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  • Superior Traction: Non-skid coating for enhanced safety and easy installation.
    Cool Gray Surface: Up to 30 degrees cooler compared to black underlayments for comfortable working conditions.
  • Increased Coverage: 48-inch width offers up to 33% more coverage per lap than 36-inch felt.
  • Speedy Installation: Lies flat without wrinkling for hassle-free application.
  • UV Protection: Special ultraviolet stabilizers safeguard it from harsh sun rays for up to 180 days.
  • Code Compliant: Meets ASTM D226 I & II, ASTM D4869 II & IV, and TER 2215-05 standards, as well as Florida code under listing 16453.

Elevate your roofing game with BLUE's D7 Choice Synthetic Underlayment 10sq- the kingpin of roof underlayments. Specially designed for general contractors, roofers, and homeowners alike, it offers unrivaled protection, efficiency, and ease of installation.

Take advantage of its advanced non-skid coating, providing reliable traction and safety for roofing personnel. The cool gray surface runs up to 30 degrees cooler compared to traditional black underlayments, ensuring a comfortable and secure foundation for your roof. Experience seamless installation with this high-quality, durable, and efficient underlayment – the ultimate roof underlayment solution!

Choose BLUE's D7 Choice Synthetic Underlayment 10sq for unmatched protection and performance in your next roofing project. Invest in quality and experience the difference today!


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