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Air Vent VenturiVent 4' Ridge Vent

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  • Top-Notch Performance: Boost exhaust ventilation to improve indoor air quality and home comfort.
  • Sleek Low-Profile Design: Attain a clean, uncluttered roofline with the VenturiVent Plus.
  • Harmonious Integration: Install matching shingles over the 12" width vent for a unified look.
  • Stealthy Appearance: Practically invisible from the ground, the vent preserves your home's curb appeal.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Upgrade your roof ventilation with ease as VenturiVent Plus installs on the ridge peak.
  • Energy-Saving Potential: Enhance energy efficiency with improved roof ventilation, reducing HVAC system strain.

Unleash the power of superior roof ventilation when you choose AIRVE's Air Vent VenturiVent 4' Ridge Vent. Seamlessly merging aesthetic finesse and peak performance, this ridge vent is crafted to satisfy homeowners who crave an efficient and visually stunning solution.

Experience the advantages of uninterrupted exhaust ventilation that spans end-to-end along the ridge. Measuring 12" in width, the shingle-over VenturiVent Plus nests neatly under matching shingles to achieve an almost invisible appearance from the ground.

Upgrade your home ventilation game with Air Vent's VenturiVent 4' Ridge Vent — the ultimate blend of form and function. Don't wait, elevate your roof performance with VenturiVent Plus today!

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