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3" Roofing Nails 5lbs

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3" Roofing Nails 5lbs
Manufactured for quick and easy installation, electro-galvanized roofing nails are ideal for attaching roof shingles, insulation board, and felt to wood framing. The large, Flat Head provides a large bearing surface and strong holding power for a secure finish. This adds more traction to shingles so as to avoid separation from the roof. The sharp point helps with quick driving without damaging your roofing materials. These nails have been electro-galvanized for corrosion resistance with a smooth, more aesthetically pleasing finish. Do not use in treated lumber or where corrosion is a concern.
  • Suitable for wooden or asphalt shingles

  • Wide Flat Head for holding material and neoprene washers for waterproofing

  • Galvanized for better rust and corrosion protection

  • Short, sharp shank that will pierce your roofing material

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